Thank you for joining me on these pages and sharing in a part of my life. Art in general and engraving in particular have been a fascinating journey--beginning as a hobby, then an avocation, and now a full-time pursuit. I specialize in one-of-a-kind, exhibition grade engraving and art in all styles and techniques. Whatever the mind can imagine I can make reality. My engravings and art pieces can be found in private collections and museums around the world.

It has been my privilege to teach hundreds of students over the years in the United States, Germany, and the diamond district of Belgium. Age, gender, and level of ability do not matter. My students have ranged from no experience whatsoever to accomplished, experienced engravers, master goldsmiths, and stone setters looking to either refine their skills with the most advanced techniques or to better understand the art and design side of engraving. Whomever you may be, I can help you if you want to learn.

Lee Griffiths Engraving

25 South Main Street, Hyde Park, Utah 84318, United States

(435) 890-2142