Within four miles of the studio are a number of hotels and restaurants. Three seasons out of the yea

I taught classes for Glendo corporation for many years, and I have taught and demonstrated on numerous occasions in Europe including Master Goldsmiths and setters in the diamond district of Antwerp and in Germany. I have also presented seminars at the annual Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) exhibition.

I teach private and small group lessons in my personal studio, located in Hyde Park, Utah. Interested students determine their own curriculum, and they are free to choose anything from beginning engraving to advanced engraving techniques. Lessons also may include drawing and design/layout principles as well as stock and wood carving. Students are encouraged to bring their own projects and tools if they so desire.

My studio is equipped with equipment from GRS and the PulseGraver. If students use a different line of equipment, they may certainly bring it and attach it to the air source. My air compressor is nondiscriminatory, and the principles of engraving and drawing are the same for the chasing hammer or any pneumatic system.

The cost of private lessons is $600 a day. For students interested in group lessons, please contact me directly (, 435-890-2142). Students may stay for as little as half a day (at a rate of $300) or for as many days as they would like. The typical day starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM. I reserve Sundays for family and church, and sometimes Saturdays are not an option. In other words, I am most likely available year-round Monday-Friday, so please contact me and we can set up an appointment.


Within four miles of the studio are a number of hotels and restaurants. Three seasons out of the year Cache Valley is a terrific area to visit and enjoy. I recommend avoiding December through February as the cold and snow make the area a bit unpredictable for travel. I am located an easy two hours north of Salt Lake City, and the roads are well-maintained and scenic except at times during the winter when you wouldn’t want to come, anyway (except for the occasional emergency help on a project).  

If you are interested, contact me and we will figure out a time.